Claire Ryann how far I’ll go.

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Claire Ryann is a 16-year-old singer and songwriter. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee with her parents who were both musicians. Her dad toured the world as a musician, while her mom ran their own music studio for kids. Claire became interested in singing when she was just four years old – but it wasn’t until six years later that she would decide to pursue it as a career.  The Journey of Claire Ryann- Claire Ryann how far I’ll go My name is Claire Ryann.

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I am sixteen years old and a singer/songwriter from the south side of Nashville, TN. I was born in Florida but my parents moved to Nashville when I was four years old so that they could pursue their own dreams as musicians.

My dad toured the world playing guitar for well known artists like John Mayer while mom ran her own music studio for kids down at Music Row (which she still does). That’s where we spend most our time together until she had me! As soon as I turned six years old, it became clear that being an artist would be what made.


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