citra crashes when loading rom,

citra crashes

Citra, a popular emulator for Nintendo 3DS games, is generally a stable application. However, Citra will crash when loading certain roms.

This can be frustrating and time consuming to debug if you don’t know how. So in this article I’ll show you the most common causes of crashes and tips on how to fix them! Keywords: citra, emulation, emulator, Nintendo The following is the blog post content: Citra Crashes When Loading Rom Tips to Repair One of the most popular emulators for playing Nintendo games and other software on PC is Citra. The team behind this open-source project has been working hard to make it more stable with every new release. However, when you load certain roms in Citra, you may get an error that says something like “Exception happened while loading rom” or simply a crash. There are a few things that can cause crashes so here’s what to try if your game crashes right away in Citra! If You Get an Exception Happened While Loading Rom Error Message This usually happens when there’s


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