citizen who took the law into his or her own hands,


“I’m a Vigilante!” A voice calls out in the dark. “You’re under arrest for breaking and entering.” The voice is followed by footsteps as the speaker approaches. Suddenly, there’s a blinding light coming from inside the house, illuminating both figures. One of them has their hand on a gun that they are now pointing at the other person. It seems like this would be enough to stop someone who was just trying to do what’s right.. but not if you’re dealing with an actual vigilante!

The other person is revealed to be the very same vigilante who’s been running around town stopping criminals in their tracks.

The citizen has no choice but to kill the vigilante before they can call for help from any nearby police officers. The shot rings out, and a window of one house across the street shatters with enough force that it could have come from one of these two guns.. A few seconds later, there are sirens coming this way- too late! The vigilantes corpse will never know what hit them because by then they’ll already be gone forever. They may as well not even exist at all now; people won’t even remember he was ever here. What do you think about Vigilante Justice? Is it always


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