citizen way when i’m with you,


Citizens of the world, I want to tell you about a new citizen that has emerged on the scene. This is one that will change our lives; this is one for all time. The first thing we must ask ourselves about him is: what does he do? He makes music, but that’s not really enough to describe him because his lyrics are just as important as his melodies and chords. His voice can be soft like a whisper or loud like an explosion, but it always leaves us with something unforgettable in its wake.

So who is he?

He’s Citizen Way! Citizen Way is an up and coming American Christian rock band from Redding, California. The four-piece group consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Jared Keeso, guitarist David Groverman, bassist Jase Laudermann and drummer Rick DeJesus. They have been generating a lot of buzz in the past few months with their first major label release “Life Is Beautiful.” This album includes some of their most popular songs like “Scars,” which was also featured on this season’s hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy. I remember the first time I listened to Citizen Way: it was about five years ago when they were still getting started as a band. My friend introduced me to them because she


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