citizen way when i’m with you lyrics,


Citizen Way’s “When I’m With You” is a song about the desire to be near someone when they are feeling down. It was released on November 17, 2017 and featured in their album “Only Human.” If you’re looking for lyrics, we have them! There’s nothin’ I wouldn’t do, When you’re here with me. I can give up anything, but my love for you is more than my own life to me. If all the things we’ve been through made a record of our time together then it would say that this has been the best of times and I’m so thankful that God gave us one another (Bridge). So don’t be afraid when your world starts caving in on ya’. ‘Cause I’ll always have your back just like how when the waves are crashing over ya’, ain’t nobody else gonna save ya’ from drowning. When there’s nowhere left to turn at night and you feel lost without an ounce of faith..


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