cities where wearing clothes is not allowed,


It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of clothes in your car, just in case you’re forced to take off your clothes and go nude. But what if it’s not a choice? What if the government forces you to wear clothes at all times – even when they’re not required? Though this scenario may sound like something from the movies or far-fetched totalitarian state, it does happen. In fact, there are actually 33 cities around the world where wearing clothing is mandatory! Read on for more information about these strange places and why they require people to cover up. Keywords: forbidden places, cities where wearing clothes is not allowed,

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To read the full version, please visit our blog post at __. There are some locations in which visitors should know that pants and skirts (or dresses) are necessary attire. These places include: Spain’s Canary Islands (the locals deem it uncouth for tourists to wear only bathing suits); Mecca; Saudi Arabia- Islam requires female dress while males can go without clothing and cover themselves with towels or cloaks called ‘izaar’; Vatican City – Catholicism also dictates what people must wear inside its territory so both genders have their travel wardrobe restricted when they cross these bounds; Milan Fashion Week – designers like Vers


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