cities skylines how to change road direction,


In the game Cities: Skylines, there are a lot of different ways to build roads. Sometimes you need to change the direction of an existing road in order to make room for more buildings or simply because your city is growing. In this article, we will show you how to change a road’s direction with 3 different methods! -Method One: Change the road’s type and direction. Click on one of the roads, then click “Type” in the bottom left corner of your screen. Select a different road type from there – usually an avenue or highway is best for changing a street to another type. Once you’ve done that, select which side of the road should be driving on (right or left), and drag it around until you find its new location! -Method Two: Turn intersections into roundabouts / donut loops so traffic can continue without needing to stop at each intersection. You will need enough space in order to do this though! This method also works well if you’re building with wide streets but want narrower ones later down the line.


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