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This blog post focuses on the importance of communication in keeping a relationship alive, with some tips to make it easier. It talks about how important communication is for relationships and why people should try to keep talking to their partner even when they don’t feel like it. The author also provides advice on what not to say, as well as what you should be saying if your partner isn’t responsive or doesn’t seem interested. Expert: Nicole Stevens, LCSW. Keywords include communication, relationships and advising on what not to say when communicating with your partner. The end of the blog post is a call-to-action encouraging people to continue reading for more information about finding an agency therapist or organization that can help them communicate better in their relationship. It also provides some contact links to resources such as counseling agencies and divorce attorneys for those who need it most urgently. The third section goes into detail about how important talking about sex is for maintaining a healthy partnership, which may be beneficial if you’re trying to start up things again after taking time off from intercourse while pregnant or dealing with other reproductive health issues like vaginismus (a condition


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