circumference of a soda can,


This might sound silly, but did you know that a soda can is not the perfect shape for drinking? It’s true! In fact, if you were to drink from one continuously without stopping, it would take just under an hour. And because of its size and shape, there are actually many different ways to hold a can in order to maximize your enjoyment. This blog post will explore these options so that you can find the best way for yourself! You might be wondering,

what is the circumference of a soda can?

Well, it’s not round! The average size for a soda can is about two inches in diameter. That means that if you were to draw an outline with your finger on top of one and then cut along the line so that you have removed all excess material (except for a very small tab), this would be approximately how long it will take before your drink starts spilling out over its edges. This doesn’t sound like much time at first glance; however, when we’re talking about drinking continuously without stopping for anything else aside from sips of water every now and again (in order to avoid dehydration), this quickly adds up! So why did I just give


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