When customers enter a retail store, they look for a product of their choice. Once found, they proceed to make the payment. POS or point of sale is where the customer carries out the transaction on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, touchscreens, and self-service kiosks. It also refers to a system consisting of hardware and software that helps you manage various processes of a retail store, including purchases, sales, tracking inventories, and marketing campaigns. Even though these systems are of different types, most retail businesses prefer a cloud-based POS system because it’s more efficient, cost-effective, and highly customizable. What are some other facts about it that make it so popular?

Importance of a POS retail system

A POS retail system is indispensable for providing a unified experience to the customers and is the medium through which your retail stores run your brand. It enables you to transform every store into a warehouse and showroom. Once you have unified the system smoothly, you can track your inventory throughout the supply chain and deliver the customers the unique experience they associate with your brand. 

What is cloud-based POS?

A cloud-based POS is a system that stores data online rather than the local network or on-premise data centre. While users can access the interface through tablets, touchscreen monitors, and smartphones, they can access the backend on the web browser. These systems are also known as POS applications or apps because they are suitable for mobile phones and EPOS or electronic points of sale. After all, the software runs electronically, and there should be an efficient WiFi or internet connection for this system to function optimally.

Benefits of a cloud mobile POS system

Since customers mostly use a cloud-based POS system on mobile devices, it would be helpful to know some of their benefits: enhancing the in-store experience for the staff and customers.  

  • Helps the sales process

A mobile POS will help your store staff tremendously with various sales-related aspects, including inventory, real-time product, customer and order information. It will also assist them with providing a better service, ensure that the sales team turn returned products into exchanges, and reserve or sell a specific product from any franchise or distribution centre. Since the sales staff will know about the product in greater detail, they will efficiently communicate its features.  

  • Transform your store into a mini-distribution centre

A cloud-based POS on a mobile device, as  or other experts will tell you, will empower your sales staff to provide the customers whatever they want at the earliest. With in-store fulfilment (an Omnichannel inventory strategy that enables you to use your retail store as a mini-distribution centre), they can buy the product from any franchise regardless of which store they order the product from. It also helps you manage stock movement across your supply chain, including tracking and shipping.

  • It is extremely convenient

One of the best things about a mobile POS is its convenience and ease of use, as it has a friendly user interface. You can install it quickly and update it regularly. The app is ideal for both mobile phones and fixed counters. The store’s staff can even run it offline while enjoying the highest security since it runs on the cloud rather than a local server. You can smoothly connect it to any of your technology ecosystems such as ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and payment providers.

You must switch to a cloud-based mobile POS system that is easy to use, convenient, easily accessible, and offers plenty of benefits. You could incorporate it into your retail ecosystem, from empowering your sales staff to enhanced inventory management.


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