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What I’ve noticed about most women is that they tend to dress so differently than men. A lot of us have to stop and think about what we think about ourselves. Also, it’s also not uncommon to be a pretty confident woman, yet still feel unsure about our own bodies. So that’s to be expected; however, there’s an interesting side to this that is often overlooked.

One of the reasons why Ive noticed this is because of the way female bodies look compared to male bodies. Its an extremely common theme among women, that they feel uncomfortable with how they look in their own bodies (usually because they are not comfortable with how men look in their own bodies).

Theres a lot of women who feel uncomfortable with themselves, but they look around and see that men are pretty comfortable with how they look in their bodies. This is the same pattern that happens in gaming. Even though women often feel uncomfortable with their bodies, they can still look around and see that men are more comfortable with their bodies.


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