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You may be wondering why babbl is asking you to guest post for us. There are a few reasons, but the biggest one is that babbl needs more content creators! We want babbl to be a place where people come and write about their passions, so we need as many passionate writers as possible

For this reason, we prefer submissions for guest posts again. If your blog focuses on topics like writing tips or how to find motivation in life then please submit an article by emailing us on email with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

Article submission FAQs

What is write for us?

Answer: Write for us is a platform where you can publish thought-provoking ideas and guest post articles. In the content landscape, we are creating an ecosystem that provides opportunities for writers to be “published” not just read.

We value community, so we’re working on fostering conversations with our readers who are part of our mission to challenge existing assumptions.

Write for us has been designed to provide writers with popular formats and niche styles that have a loyal following among readers of all stripes. With no limits on submissions or quotas on contributors per month, this is the next way venues can open dialogues to take their work beyond traditional journals’ confines.

Where can I write and get paid?

Answer: As a newbie writer hoping to be published by an established blog, you have many options these days. However, it’s important to know how guest posting and sponsored posts are different.

For example, when writing for us you’ll be getting paid more than with a sponsored post; however, not all bloggers offer payment to writers for their work. It’s always important to read the information about any posts before agreeing just because we come first in the search engine.

Why We Pay Writers for Guest Posts?

Answer: Guest blogging is happening on a wide scale, and making writers and brands gain awareness towards their work. Writing articles for publication in themed blogs build marketability as an expert, which positively affects the paid one can receive later on from bigger publications like Forbes or The Huffington Post.

Furthermore, they have more success in terms of quotations because readers notice good writing done by a guest author. There are many other reasons why paying to publish with us is beneficial; you could just style it according to your purpose for accepting this offer!

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Submitting an article to a website is the result of sending in an article or a pitch. The word “pitching” often connotes feeling downtrodden, like something has been dumped on your head and you are now trying to come up with some type of idea.

So when your submission does not get accepted, it can feel like rejection either by the editor or by the public after reading your content. But as hopeless as it feels, there really is no better remedy than pitching again and again until eventually it gets picked up!

Whom do we allow to publish?

Answer: We plan to release some guest posts from professionals, individual authors. Guest post articles are written by professional writers.

As for submitting an article, it’s open to just about anyone who wants to submit something. You can send us a guest post if you’re not a professional writer, or just go ahead and write one for yourself!

Why is guest posting important for your business?

Answer: Guest blogging is a powerful way to build business relationships, but it can also generate leads and customers.

Publishers are always looking for quality content from high-quality authors. Income opportunities include writing content for sponsored posts; these vary depending on the size of website they need to be written for and the freelance opportunity’s complexity. You’ll have an easier time getting published if you write about topics that align with your readers’ interests or passions.

Who Can Submit An Article?

Answer: It is open to anyone. Whether you belong to the group of experienced writers or had an article published, we will publish your articles on the site.

We would gladly accept guest posts from writers who always wanted to share their ideas with a wider audience than just family and friends, up-and-coming freelance writing, paid writing assignments, press releases, or individual bloggers that want to expand their content offerings by teaming up with another blogger in order to reach more readers through our new collaborative blog section.

What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

Answer: We publish articles on a variety of topics, including business, culture, politics, digital media, and lifestyle.

We’re always looking for quality guest posts on women’s lifestyle topics, and welcome submissions about practical advice from sources that aren’t traditional “mommy blogs.”

We are also happy to consider anything outside of our niche – parenting, beauty, decluttering, DIY crafts, etc. We would need these articles at least one week in advance of the due date; please send your great content to our editors.

Who Are We Publishing For?

Answer: The answer to this question depends on why you’re publishing. If you want to turn it into a business, that changes things significantly. If you’re just sharing your thoughts with the world because they need to be said, then your readership is probably the most important thing for you.

However, if the goal is internet fame and notoriety, here’s what I would suggest: Pick something random that strikes a chord when it comes up in conversation, and write about it passionately every single day of every week until people grow tired of hearing from you. Rinse and repeat!

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

Answer: Guest posting on a variety of sites is something that you can do to achieve a lot of publicity instead of just one.

In order to make guest posting successful, follow all the guidelines:

-The first thing that you need knowledge about is the specific site that you want to write for. The platform will have rules and regulations specifically for writers or it may even have its own audience in mind.

– Make sure that your topic placements fit the site’s goal because failures will often lead to rejection and submissions not being posted.

-Every site needs info such as your biography, website URL, social media following, and more so be ready with relevant information before submitting the complete article for consideration to the particular blog or publisher.

-All articles must be original articles and pass a plagiarism check (also make sure you have the rights to all photos).

Thank you!