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The new albia news app has been downloaded more than 300,000 times in just the first few days of its release, and the response from readers has been overwhelming. The app is easy to use, and it provides an interesting take on what the news is and what the news isn’t.

albia is a social news app that lets you create and share news with your friends and family, and it also lets you send links to articles and photos to your friends. The articles you can send are from around the web, and the photos you can send are from the albia archive. If you do a search for “albia news” on Google, you’ll get a good sampling of the content.

The app is simple. You can create your own news feed, share it with your friends and family, and add links to images and articles you find on the web. You can even set a limit on the number of articles you can send to the app, and the app will automatically stop sending new posts if you exceed this amount.

The app allows you to send an article or image to your friends, families and colleagues. You can also add links to websites that you find interesting. The web interface is a bit different from other apps we’ve tested, but it’s still fairly straightforward.

The app is still a bit rough around the edges, but the basic functionality is there and it will be something that you can use to communicate and make other connections with your friends.

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