Some Tricks When You Own A Bombay Cat


This cat breed may be one of the unique ones you can find. For starters, they have an entirely black coat (read more). There’s no tux or socks or any other pattern in Bombay.

Before adopting one, you need to know and understand how to keep them as part of the family. Bombay is a cat with a lean and strong body. They are more muscular than most cats. With the short dark coat, Bombay cats look more feral, but they can be as cuddly as a Persian.

This breed is perfect for a small family. They are friendly, adaptive, and can be a great addition to your family. As one of the breeds with minimal health issues, you just need to do regular check-ups. Having a short coat also means that you won’t see cat hair everywhere. 

Understand The Origin

You sure know the story about Bengal and Savannah cats. These breeds are born when some breeders want a domestic cat with more feral appearances. And as you know, the result is far from disappointing.

However, some breeders are not content with the result and want to experiment some more. 

Hence, they crossbreed the Burmese with Black American Short Hair. The idea is to have a mini panther in your house. That is how the Bombay breed came to this world (link: 

And as you can tell now, Bombay has become the epitome of a black cat. They have a luxurious dark coat with yellow eyes, akin to a panther in the wild.  

Their Unique Personalities

However, Bombay is more cuddly and slightly less demanding than the other crossbreeds. You can find them more often nesting under the blanket or in their beds. They can be quite active like any other cats, but they tend to be calmer as well.

Compared to other feral-looking cats such as Bengal that can drain your energy, Bombay is active but also can be a quite chill and relaxed cat to be around.

Their un-feral-like attitude may be one of a couple of things that are far from expectations and perhaps disappointing to some. But keep in mind that each one is unique and has a distinctive personality. Also, Bombay tends to be very vocal. So don’t be surprised when you hear them meowing to communicate with you. 

Working With Their Energy

So how to deal with their excess energy? Do cats need some walk or outdoor playtime? Why can’t they just have toys indoors? You sure have a lot of questions regarding your cat. 

The truth is, even a real cat lover can’t understand their feline companions. It seems like our little feline friends have their way to say things and can be difficult to deal with. One time they show their belly asking for a rub, but a second later, all hissing and refusing any attention.

So what to do when they seem to be demanding your attention? You sure can’t just throw the toy to let them have some fun. To control their attention and energy, you can give them a catnip every once in a while.

Is It Safe To Give?

Catnip is very safe for your cat. It’s natural and completely vegan, so you don’t have to worry about any allergen. After all, catnip comes from the hemp plant. Some people choose to have hemp rope, hoping that their cats will play with it and enjoy the catnip inside.

Still, there is a chance that your cat is not responding to catnip. It comes down to the product and the cat’s preference. As silly as it may sound, some cats can be very picky, including when it comes to their treats. 

But don’t worry, you can give them CBD as a substitute. Again, keep in mind that catnip comes from hemp. And the plant has a CBD component. Therefore, it’s not something unique or unusual for your cats.

If you have some concerns about giving it directly, you can look for some CBD treats for your cats. There are several brands such as holistapet cats and others that provide delicious cat treats with CBD dosage. These treats have the main components of regular cat treats, such as fish meat, chicken liver, and other things that cats love.

These cannabinoid products also went through tests similar to the ones for humans. It means that the treats have low to non-existent THC levels that can make your cats high. You don’t have to worry about the other side effects as well.

Anyway, you must know the right dosage for them. You have to know their weight to measure the dosage. Even though they may seem to enjoy it very much, maybe your cat can’t take the whole treat at once.

The same goes with giving regular catnip. There is a weight ratio that must come to mind. Also, remember that you’re giving it as a treat. So, it can’t be a daily thing.

Working on the pet’s behavior can be quite some work. Eventually, it will return to how you treat yourself as a person. Not many people are aware that their pets reflect themselves. Regardless of the species and breed, the connection between the human parents and their pets is much deeper.

Remember that there is always resistance whenever you introduce a new supplement or a toy to your cat. It is quite rare for a cat to enjoy new activities. However, as long as you have done thorough research, you can rest assured that your cat will enjoy them too.


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